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Young Living Oils - Thieves

Press the link below to view a wide variety of Young Living Oil's which include Thieves and other theraputic grade oil and oil blends


Please email me at [email protected] to ask questions or to make an order.

You can also call my work phone number at (406) 396-3500 and leave a message.

Personal Statement
If you know me you likely already know that my life partner and father of my children has a kidney transplant
that renders his immune system inactive. I don't keep this a secret because before I met him I was vastly ignorant
to the fact that a simple cold or flu can be not only expensive (about $1000 a day) but deadly to some people.

I diffuse Thieves oil in my home, trying to keep my family well. My hope is to keep the environment as save as possible so that my partner's immune system has less to deal with. Little is known regarding using Thieves and other essential oils for transplant recipients. I would be interested in hearing if you or anyone you know that has had a transplant has used essential oils as a treatment.

My hope in becoming a distributor is that I will not only keep my family a little safer from baceria and viruses but also
bring more awareness regarding persons whom have a suppressed immune system.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me by email or at my work phone number.